Better Than You

I’ve been sitting here for hours
Trying to think of what I did
When it was that you thought
I should be torn from limb to limb
I never found the answer,
I never found the clue
I only reached one conclusion
I’m better than you

I’ve never seen someone so selfish,
Never known someone so weak
Never dreamed this would turn
Into something quite so bleak
Show me all your power,
And hate me through and through
I’ll still sing my song
I’m better than you

I’m better, I’m better, I’m better than you
I’m truer, I’m stronger, what can I do
I’ve never been so insincere, I’ve never been so cruel,
I’m better, I’m better, I’m better than you

What was it that you said,
Shouldn’t cut you down to size,
I should let you speak,
So you can apologize,
But we’ve been through this before,
And I’ve heard quite a few,
It no longer matters,
I’m better than you

You’re in that cocktail dress,
Got someone to impress
Spouse doesn’t know your weakness
That you know you should confess
Guess we’ll have to wait and see
How you fill that vacancy
Now that I’m breaking free
Now that you ate through me

You may have your wealth and riches
And someone by your side
May do real well in your job,
Run a four minute mile
You may find a cure for cancer,
Write a number one tune,
But based upon my knowledge,
I’m better than you