This one wound up better than I thought it would in finished form. I wrote it about 18 years ago, in a stretch of about five or six songs where I was making things too complex and over-thinking things. I never recorded the others, but this one sort-of came back to life on a second scrubbing.

It’s largely about being super frustrated with someone who gave up too quickly.

We took off “Still Pick You” this week. Thanks for listening.

So Much To Love

This one is about my wife, written years ago with improvements made during the recording process. I don’t write many of these types of songs, largely because I’m just not that good at them. But I think this one worked out.

I figure now’s a good time to post this for her since it was her birthday a few days ago. It’s also probably also a good time to officially thank her for running this site.

We’ll continue to post songs every two weeks, but we’ll start back with songs that were posted and pulled down. We’re back to the top of the 114 song rotation.

We took off “I Need You To Understand” this time. Thanks for listening.

You Chose With Me

This is a really old one, relating to a relationship I was in where I was pretty much the odd man out. When I would see this individual, I would hear what you see in the chorus—they were really glad I wanted to be with them, etc. But, really, the rest of my life was the remainder of the song—out in the woods, with no hope.

We took off “The Truth I Have to Face” this week. Thanks again for listening.

Hard To Give Up

For a very long time, I thought this week’s posted song was my best song. It’s likely still in the running.

We started the post-a-new-song-every-two-weeks process back in late 2015.  I initially wanted to go five years without a repeat, which we did.

I’ve got another 30+ songs that are worthy of recording in a studio but, unfortunately…I’m not going to be anywhere near a studio any time soon, and the person I used to record with retired (a massive problem for me). Those songs are probably on hold a long time.

We took off “Where Were You” this week. As usual, thank you for listening.


This is a pretty straightforward one about stepping out on a limb, taking a chance, and being overtly grateful at the outcome. It’s probably a good introductory song, and it’s one I like. I’m still not sure I got the speed right, but it’s close (possibly one or two beats a minute too fast).

There may be some new folks on the site in the next few weeks. For that audience, maybe I should highlight…this is a place for me to share my songs without having to sign contracts that strip away ownership rights or limit my flexibility (looking at you, Spotify). Work activities or work frustrations will be invisible—it’s all about the songs. Just the songs, good or bad.

We took off “Wandering I” this week. Thanks again for the support—the site continues to grow…