He Can Change Your Life

I should’ve known he’d be incredible
That you could
Never settle

I should’ve known he’d be special
A blessed soul
You couldn’t let go

I tried hard to win you
But I could not begin to

He can really do it all
I hate it every time
I just say you’re beautiful
But he can change your life
While changing mine

He’s the salt of the earth
I can’t subvert
That what he’s done worked

While what I give you are just words
I’m unnerved
Cause it so hurts

I just can’t compete, dear
With limits to my reach, here

I’ll keep saying that you’ve improved my life
How there’s greatness in you, I knew all the time
But I know soon that I’ll lose this fight
As long as he as you and keeps doing…everything right

I’m amazed by what he gives you
How he lifts you
And assists too

I’m amazed by what he lives through
How he forgives you
And never withdrew

I’ll just take my seat, dear
Cause I just can’t compete, it’s clear