Love You At Length

I know it’s your rep
It’s what I hear
You won’t ever let someone near
That much I can get
That part’s clear
You don’t want someone who just adheres

Keep your space
I’m OK
That isn’t what I’m trying to say
There’s no need to brace
Or lose leeway
Just one small step could make my day

You can try to run
But I’ll be persistent
It might be fun
Once I get your assistance
I’ve got brute strength
I’ll fight your resistance
I’ll love you at length
And I can handle some distance

I don’t need it all
Your every thought
I don’t care, you can believe it or not

It’s time to make the call
That I feel caught
And a small commit from you would really hit the spot

I think you’ll be so fine
As soon as you start to find
I won’t sink you over time
And that might just change
That might just change
That might just change your mind

I won’t try to beg
It’s not my style
I’ll give in in just a little while

But I’ve got it pegged
There’s no guile
I just need a little bit–I don’t need miles