I’ve been concealing
My own hidden point of view
I delayed revealing
What I was thinking about you

Guess I got gun shy
From all the times I’ve been reproved
I thought I saw run signs
But I’hjm sometimes slow to move

Might have been shy
To pick my spot
But now I’ll try
To take my shot

It was there, I’m aware, set to be culled
But I got scared, and I let it be dulled
Do you care, do you care, I was slow to divulge
That I’m prepared to overindulge

Please just ignore that
I didn’t jump immediately
Somewhere just store that
In time you’ll see it’s just me

I will be trying
Harder than I’ve ever tried
Cause I’ve I’ve been dying
To keep you satisfied

Yes you’re the one
I can’t defy
You’re the one
That caught my eye

Don’t try, to read as a sign, that it was a slight
That I, took so much time, cause it was just fright
I’ve been prepared to toil through
What I could to earn the right
To be able to spoil you
More than you’d think I might

It’s been quite daunting
For me to step up to this plate
It’s all I’ve been wanting
And I was just about too late

Nothing else
Has ruled my mind
Just ignore
It took some time