Still Pick You

I know,
If you look at the big picture
Things have really changed
It’s been slow,
But things that were once fixtures
Have now been exchanged

And it’s hard
To look back and not say
That I don’t have regrets
Some cards
We were dealt and had to play
I wish we could forget

One thing I believe is true
I still want to be with you

If I
Had to do it over
There’d be little I’d stick to
But no lie,
With a mind that’s true and sober
I’d still pick you

If you ask me
By now life should be humming
And the pathways should have eased
But we
Never seem to know what’s coming
And we keep getting squeezed

No doubt
Things won’t seem so perfect
When dreams don’t come true
But we can’t pout
We just have to sit and work it
And just keep pushing through

We just seem to only get bad news
Enough to keep us just a tad amused

It’s hard to conceive that we aren’t due
But I’ve come to only believe in me and you
What’s new

And so,
Some of life is better
And some of it is worse
I hope
Someday we’ll be unfettered
And free from this curse

So let’s go fight our next good fight
Secure at least that we did one thing right