You Chose With Me

It’s still dark,
I’m still awake
I wish I knew what I should say
What can I do,
To fix this mistake
What does it matter where she was today

She said “I feel at peace
And I feel so at ease
There’s a lot of places you could be, but
You chose with me”

I look in the mirror,
Look me in the eye
And tell myself that I know I’ll be fine
It’s only just one,
I shouldn’t complain
I should just learn to handle the pain

And now it’s gone,
I remember it more than vaguely
It’s been so hard—
I wish all of this didn’t phase me

I pick up the phone,
I look at the street,
And with some help I conclude it’s just a beat
I’ll watch my TV
I’ll sit here and dream
I’ll look at success and wish it were me